Amazing Grace

I believe that God appoints everything, especially people, to come into our life for the purpose of knowing Him more. We were not created to know about an abstract God, but rather see and experience Him. There is so much of Him to know, and we were all created in His image for the purpose of glorifying Him. Each relationship in my life is a gift to experience more of God – His love, His kindness, His creativity, His beauty.

On April 8th, I walked down the aisle to the tune of “Amazing Grace.” God has surely shown me a greater depth of His love, sacrifice, and ultimately grace through David. Through the up’s and down’s, battling my own selfishness and fears, God has shown Himself faithful and steadfast through David’s pursuit. That day, I began the covenant of marriage, a picture of Christ’s love and covenant with His people, the church. That day brought so much joy and hope for our life together, and how our marriage could show a broken world the grace that is freely offered to us.

On April 9th, I got the news that my grandmother finally lost her battle with cancer. On April 18th, I held back the tears of loss, as we sung “Amazing Grace” at her memorial service. The song instantly brought back the memory of walking down the aisle, but that day, it was accompanied by an immense feeling of loss. Just as David has shown me God’s love and faithfulness in a new and more intense way, so had my grandmother. And now that reminder was gone.

I believe there was an exchange in the heavens the day of April 8th and 9th. God had lent my grandmother to myself and countless others for a time, to experience the depth of His love and faithfulness, His willingness to look past our mistakes (other than dying my hair brown), His generosity, His “tough love”.

He knew it would be hard for me to lose that reminder. In His all-knowing all-loving wisdom, He waited until the time was right to give lend another to take her place. Now, David reminds me daily of God’s sacrifice for me and unbreakable covenant with me.

In the same way, He gave us all, people of every tribe, tongue and nation, Jesus – that we might know Him. This is truly amazing grace.


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