Medical Update #1

Well, up until Thursday the past 3 months I have been feeling great, but I guess we spoke to soon!

Last Thursday I had just picked up a friend from work and we were headed to grab lunch. While we were driving I started feeling nauseous and hot. After a few seconds I started to feel like I might vomit so I pulled the car over, stopped it and laid back. My buddy asked me what was wrong and I told him I didn’t feel good. That was the last thing I remember until waking up a minute or so later. When I came to he was talking to me trying to get me to respond. When I finally became aware of what was going on, he told me I had a seizure. I couldn’t believe it.

He drove me back to his house where I was able to shower and change. I called Jen and told her what had happened and go a hold of some good friends of ours from church and they were able to come pick me up and take me to the ER to get checked out.

They did the typical tests: CT Scan and blood work and EKG and all those came back normal.

While I was waiting on the results Jen and her dad had shown up. Luckily he was able to drive her over.
I was at the hospital for about 5 hours before being released and encouraged to follow up with a neurologist.

We have a scheduled appointment with the neuro on Monday @ 10:30am. So we would appreciate your prayers for us and the doctors!

Thanks for all the emails, calls, texts, and more importantly the prayers!


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