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Eating Gluten Free!! (even though I don’t have to)

Eating gluten-free has been quite the adventure for me to say the least. I feel I have a somewhat unique point of view as I am not gluten intolerant or allergic and I am not trying out the newest fad diet to become popular. I told Jen when we were engaged that when we got married I would go 100% gluten free to make things easier for cooking, shopping, etc. but most of all I wanted to walk along side her and support her in this.

It has not been easy for her. She didn’t have a choice, but I haven’t really viewed it as a choice either. We both have our cravings and we often joke about how we really miss this or that (CHICK-FIL-A!!!), but all in all it has not been as hard as I thought it would be.

So anyways…I love to cook. I have been encouraging Jen to write blogs about gluten free stuff because we are always meeting people who have been doing it a lot less time than we have and we have definitely done our homework on things. The hardest things with gluten free anything is TASTE! Sure Betty Crocker can slap “Gluten Free” on a box, but if the brownies tastes worse than the box that it comes in….FAIL.

So hopefully sharing our secrets and recipes will help you guys out!